my mobile rig

The more time I spent planning the observatory the clearer it became to me that I still needed a rig for travelling and mobile astrophotography, mainly with widefield imaging in mind. This lead to me buying a Skywatcher StarAdventurer MINI (SAM) which did a great job hooking me on this kind of lightweight grab-and-go astrophotography. Mounted on a wooden Berlebach tripod this rig is extremely sturdy and small enough to go hiking with it (although for airplane travel I guess I would use the Carbon tripod I use for photography). The more I thought about what kind of photography I would like to do with my setup the more I realised that at some point I am going to put a small telescope on the mount, and my SAM was not going to cope with that. So after some time I upgraded to the bigger brother, the Skywatcher StarAdventurer, but kept the SAM for convenience.

A frozen Skywatcher StarAdventurer with a Sony A7Rii mounted. The lens is an old but crispy Pentax Green Star 135mm f1.8 with a dew heater installed.

Beside the standard mount I attached a ball head for easy framing and bought a USB dew heater strap for cold nights.