the idea

There is light pollution everywhere and I am not going to change that. I rather wanted to bypass this problem by simply focusing on astrophotography and the use of filters. This explains the Bortle class 4-5 location of the observatory, but why build one in the first place? Well there are two main reasons. The first one is that astronomy is a very frustrating hobby. You spent hours carrying and adjusting gear you cant use because in the last second some clouds appear. The second one is that we (and by we I mean my family and myself) wanted to do something useful with the gear my uncle inherited me. It was always our dream and I kind of feel obligated to fulfil it.  The concept of a garden hut with a sliding roof is proven, easy and effective and why I planned it that way. More information about how it all came together are found in the chapter “the build“.

After clouds were incoming I decided to “play” with my flashlight instead of assembling a telecope.