About me

Me in front of the ALICE detector @ CERN

I am Simon Dannhauer, born in the year 1997 I grew up in a city close to Cologne. My academic CV can be found here. I developed an early interest in physics and spent a fair amount of my school years building hybrid rocket engines, model airplanes and drones. After my Abitur in 2015 I began studying Physics/Astronomy in Bonn which is also my current “employment” (I am a Master of Astrophysics student at the Argelander Institute for Astronomy). Currently I am writing my master thesis titled “Radio AGN fraction in the first eROSITA all-sky survey”. I wrote my bachelor thesis in the “Dark Energy Team” called working group of Prof. Dr. Reiprich about Correction of space weather-related effects on eROSITA data. My love for astronomy and photography came from my uncle (the name patron for the observatory) who taught me a lot and whose huge collection of telescopes and gear led to the construction of the observatory.

Shortly before takeoff for a scenic sunset flight in a LS4 glider.

My freetime (if there is any left…) is mostly occupied by my second love, aviation. I hold licences for gliders and ultralights and try to spent most of my time on the airfield. Many of the great pictures taken on my favourite place in the world, Segelfluggelände Lindlar, are found here. Furthermore I am a member of the Planetary Society, German Physical Society (DPG) and Vereinigung der Sternfreunde (VdS).

Thats it for now, if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Clear skies,